You don’t need to be a captain to be a leader, Virat Kohli on his role for India

Former Indian skipper Virat Kohli has always been a very honest and frank person when he speaks about his role. Every word he had spoken as a cricketer has reflected his mentality over the game. King Kohli ended up as India’s most successful Test captain. Kohli, who is no longer the Indian captain has explained his role as a senior player in the Indian team.

Kohli admitted that everything in a sport has tenure and period. Every player has to be aware of that and be prepared. Kohli said that people might criticize you and say ‘what this guy has done, but one should always think of moving forward and achieving more. Kohli expressed that his inner heart must feel like he has done the job.

Kohli feels that as a batsman he can contribute more to the team. He can concentrate and work more on his role as batter and make the team win more. Kohli said that he would take pride in scoring more runs for his team. Kohli intimated that no one does not need to be a captain to be a leader.

Kohli said that deciding to move on is also part of leadership and he will look to contribute differently. Kohli admitted that players must accept all kinds of roles and responsibilities. Kohli concluded that his mindset and approach would be the same even when he is not the captain. Kohli’s focus is to make the team win. Kohli ended up that he will be his own leader.