WTC final should be a best-of-three contest, Ravi Shastri says

According to Ravi Shastri, when Virat Kohli visits England to play Test cricket in 2021, he’ll be slimmer, fitter, and have fewer international runs than the last time the Indian skipper was there. As India embarked on its mission-WTC at Southampton, followed by a one-Test series against England, the national head coach sounded the bugle.
Since this is the first World Test Championship final, I think it’s going to be the biggest game because we’re not talking about a traditional three-day or threemonth format. This has taken place over the past two years, where teams have competed against each other around the world to earn their stripes to travel to the finals. As Kohli nodded, Shastri said, “Well, that’s surely a special event.”
In the long run, Shastri believes that “a three-match series and a best-ofthree” would be more fitting as a culmination of two-and-half years of cricket around the world if the ICC pursues the idea of a Test championship.
Nevertheless, the team has earned its stripes and maintains its position as No. 1 repeatedly for five or six years. It is phenomenal to have sustained such success over such a lengthy period of time,” said Shastri.
As Shastri noted, India’s chances in the final were solid and India’s well equipped to adjust to conditions without warm-ups. When playing at the highest level, and competing against the best, there is the ability to pull yourself out of tough situations.

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