Srinivasan: Dhoni can play for CSK as long as he wants

According to CSK team owner N. Srinivasan, MS Dhoni can play in IPL for the team as long as he wants. There are some rumors that Dhoni might retire as well from the sport altogether if CSK manages to win the IPL this season. 

Dhoni announced his retirement on Saturday from the international cricket. But it is being speculated he will still continue for CSK for another year. According to Srinivasan, retirement or no retirement, CSK is Dhoni’s own team and the bond that exists between two will last forever.

He recounted the incident when people gathered in huge numbers to see Dhoni in CSK’s practice session at the Chepauk. Srinivasan added that normally such kind of crowd doesn’t assemble even for a Test. The primary aspect that astounded him is that people came to the stadium without any publicity made by CSK. He acknowledged Dhoni by saying that he will remain iconic for India, Tamil Nadu and Chennai.

When asked about the bond between Dhoni, Tamil Nadu and Chennai even Srinivasan was puzzled about how such a thing developed. This was because during initial seasons Dhoni would attend his practice sessions in his bike and Srinivasan feels that simplicity somehow rubbed off on the people of the state. Dhoni, who had last played competitive cricket in the World Cup last year, is all set to return to action when the IPL starts in the UAE on September 19.

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