PCB is displeased with Mohammad Hafeez for taking COVID-19 test privately

This past week Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced 10 of their national team players who are part of the upcoming England tour series had tested positive for COVID-19. These players were self-isolated immediately and have been undergoing treatments and tests ever since. Among the 10 players, Pakistan’s all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez was also reported to test positive.

Initially, PCB conducted tests for the players during which it was confirmed that Hafeez had tested positive for COVID-19. Later following this the cricketer decided to take a private test in which it was reported that the result returned negative.  The cricketer’s decision has not gone well with the PCB as the board voiced its displease towards him.

PCB CEO Wasim Khan in a statement condemned Hafeez for not consulting with the board before he decided to take the test privately and that they are disappointed in with him. Khan said the appropriate protocol for the player was to talk to the PCB first. As an individual Hafeez has the right to take the test in private but breaking the protocol by not informing them first has created for the board said Wasim.

On asking whether the veteran would face disciplinary actions Wasim said that the board is considering options on how to handle this. The player also breached the rules by personally posting an image of the test result that he had taken in private and it returning negative on social media.

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