IPL can surely wait as life is more important now: Suresh Raina

  Suresh Raina the favoured, Indian batsman and Chennai Super Kings IPL player, his contribution towards both teams has always been a moment to cherish for the fans around the world. The player recently fathered another child and seems to enjoy the lock-down with family and house chores, in between Raina sat to share the memorable moments of the World Cup 2011 where Raina said the celebration happens every year like Diwali and Holi.

The IPL’s Chennai Super Kings hero Raina, led by MS Dhoni said, the league could always wait, as because numerous lives were on-line due to the pandemic health crisis. Now, to abide by the government order, and following the lockdown is important, and the cricketer had donated a sum of 52 lakh to the government, to fight COVID-19. Further, Raina connected life beyond cricket, where the player cooks sometimes so his wife could rest with Rio, and added having 3-course meals in a day counts more than having a car or house. 

    Later Raina shared about the 2020 IPL camp where Dhoni practiced 3 hours straight, and the batsman also mentioned the days as unforgettable weeks. Raina went unbeatable twice with Pakistan and Australia during WC series, during 2011, when Tendulkar left the field, the cricketers and the room fell silent. Score’s stabilized during Gambhir’s batting so, Dhoni’s decision to face Sri Lanka’s Muralitharan Vijay balls changed the game mapped Raina’s 2011 World Cup journey.

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