India Vs New Zealand: Shake-up Was Needed as You Come Out of Fixed Mindset

Ravi Shastri, the chief Indian coach asked the Indian team to face New Zealand with an open mindset and not a sturdy approach. India had to play 5 T20i’s, 3 ODI’s, and 2 Test series with New Zealand team, and India won the T20i format but, lost the ODI  game. In the 1st Test series Kiwis swept the host off with 10 wickets difference, and the next match begins from 29th February to 4th March in Hagley Oval cricket ground, Christchurch.

         Ravi Shastri said the Indian team could use a loss, to pull the reins. As the team has ranked No 1 in the ICC Test table, neither the players nor the audience should feel stressed. The Chief coach said Test series and T20i’s will be a preference because, in the forthcoming year, international teams will face the Test Championship and T20i World Cup matches.

         Chief coach about R Ashwin’s and Jadeja’s position in the field said that the analysis should be between capability, of balls spin needed in both the innings and the batsman’s fitness to handle the innings will help understand. Since the Indian team had played 9 games, the 2nd Test with the New Zealand team will reflect a difference in the Christchurch game. Chief Indian coach, explains Wriddhiman Saha over Rishabh Pant because, the Indian team needs an experienced bowler to handle bounce and so, Saha had fit the Hagley Oval match.

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