ICC makes changes in Super-Over rule with new guidelines

2019 World Cup had stirred questions about the decisions made over the super-over bowled and batted by the New Zealand and England teams. The International Cricket Council (ICC) had altered the rules in the super-over when there is a tie in the run chase as well as the in the super-over.

         In the forthcoming cricket events including the T20i between the South Africa and England matches and Australia in the near future, the ICC informed that the new guidelines will apply immediately, and the teams have also agreed to follow the same.

         The ICC begins with the first regulation that in the occasion of chaser achieving the target, a super-over will follow and, in case if the super-over ends in tie another super-over will proceed between the teams. Unless an interruption because of the weather the super-over will continue until a win, else the teams will play the limited number of super-over decided by the board.

         The rules state that in the super-over loops, if a batsman falls for a wicket in the super-over tie, the following super-over the same batsman will not be repeated and the same implies for the bowler bowled in the over. Another rule is that, if team A bats first in the tied super-over, in the following super-over team A will bowl. Further, the ICC board explained the super-over rules with the implication to the time, pitch, fielding, batting, bowling and umpires positions in the ground.

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