I Know We Will Win This Battle: Kapil Dev Coronavirus Crisis

As the country is under lock-down and people are staying
at home, the government has taken efforts to offer everyone
with food and medicine when one needs it. Financially,
concessions have also been made by the govt of India, with the
21 days of lock-down, and being in isolation, one can avoid the
crowd, and this will help in reducing the virus spread.
Kapil Dev, the former Indian cricket team skipper, and the
sports star shared his ways of spending the lock-down. While
beginning Kapil Dev, insists people stay at home and face this
as a challenge for oneself. Dev highlights spending time with
family is the best moments in life, and for the entertainment,
the cricketer suggests watching television, reading books, and
listening to music. Dev in a day would sweep his house, and
clean the garden, which has now become the cricketer’s golfing
area. Sometime the cricketer would cook and wash vessels
where he had learned while staying in England for the matches
with his wife and said these were tasks that would keep him
Kapil Dev believes with immense positivity that the
current scenario would pass because the human race has
always fought such examples and evolved from them. The
cricketer also said that now people would understand the
importance of hygiene and would practice every day. By staying
indoors and being safe together, we can support the doctors
and government from spreading the disease.

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