Dwayne Bravo: We never ask for revenge, we ask for equality and respect

Recently West Indian cricketer Dwayne Bravo spoke in support of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign. The campaign gained momentum since the wake of the death of African-American man George Floyd. Bravo commented ‘enough is enough’ to the racial discriminations that colored people face.

On Tuesday Bravo in an Instagram live chat with former Zimbabwe cricketer Pommie Mbangwa told it is sad to see black people undergo this kind of discrimination throughout history. He also said that we never ask for revenge, we ask for equality and respect.

The Trinidadian all-rounder added why do the black people have to face such discrimination over and over even when they show respect to others. The black community always shares love towards people for who they are which is more important. Bravo has joined his fellow West Indian cricketers Chris Gayle and Darren Sammy who had expressed their support for the campaign earlier.

Sammy made a shocking revelation that a derogatory word ‘Kaalu’ that is used for black people was used against him during the time he represented SRH in the 2013 & 14 IPL editions. An old post on social media in which Ishant Sharma using the derogatory word towards Sammy has confirmed his claims. Gayle tweeted that it’s never too late to fight for the right cause or what you’ve experienced over the years. So much more to your story, Darren Sammy. As I said, it’s in the game.

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