Never thought I’d see my city like this: Ganguly on COVID-19 lockdown

With the Indian Premier League’s undecided situations and One-Day internationals withdrawal, amongst the Novel COVID-19 pandemic, the BCCI president Saurav Ganguly has plates filled for the days. Recently, the BCCI head posted about the former player’s residing city Kolkata, stating that he had never witnessed this scene before.

       Attaching a few images of Kolkata roads, which were people-less, and vehicle-less the former cricket batsman Ganguly on Tuesday 24th March 2020,  wrote on his twitter page as “Never thought would see my city like this…stay safe…this will change soon for better…love and affection to all…”. Real awareness among the people was witnessed these days after India raising the number to more than 5 COVID-19 deaths.

          Around the globe, regulations have imposed to call-off international sports events necessarily, applying social-distancing from people. The Novel COVID-19 pandemic had impacted businesses around the world, apart from entertainment, which had the theatres and parks closed, leading to the self-isolation actions. Various countries took precautionary measures like calling their citizens back to reach home. Famous personalities from the Cine industries, Advertising agencies’ videos and audio, and social supporters volunteered to help reach the people to follow the medical precautions.

Worldwide the COVID-19 has more than 4 lakh patients fighting to recover, and who died fighting the disease were more than 18,000 in number. Quarantined patients have shown recovery, only with less than half of recorded corona affected people, doctors suggest self-precaution, from the pandemic.

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