Virat Kohli’s India can win every tournament they play: Brian Lara

Brian Lara, the West Indies legendary batsman views that Team Blue is very capable of winning all the tournaments in this 2020 ICC series. Virat Kohli and company and the Indian team has to feel encouraged about the fact that India is sort of everybody’s target.

Virat Kohli’s record began since his debut in Sri Lanka in 2008 as a teenager, where India won the first time against them. His captaincy experience began at an early age which laid as a perfect timeline for the captain. India holds a record of 16-0 against Sri Lankan excluding this January 5th, 2020 series. Kohli was the fastest player to achieve 15000 runs in 304 matches.

The West Indies legend expressed that his 15 years old legacy of 400 runs without being out, might get crossed by the batsmen Virat, David Warner, and Rohit Sharma. Lara also said that players like Virat Kohli can get accustomed to the pitch when called in early order and can also perform aggressively on the field.

Rohit Sharma also shares the same personality who tops the ICC rank in the batting order. Brian Lara, in an interview, expressed that India might one day play an important quarter-final, semi-final and final match against a team to mark its journey. This ICC tournament Sri Lanka touring India, can change tides with heeds to Angelo Mathews return and also the India Team to raise the ICC trophy since 2013.

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