Aakash Chopra hailed Hardik for turning the tide in T20 World Cup


Former India cricketer Aakash Chopra was impressed with Hardik Pandya’s turnaround in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024. Aakash praised Hardik’s performances and mentioned how the crowd began clapping for him in New York after he experienced so many boos during the IPL 2024. Hardik, the Indian team’s vice-captain, exemplifies how athletics can help to bring people together. The star all-rounder faced criticism when MI finished at the bottom of the table under his command.

All eyes were on Hardik to see how he would perform for the Indian squad in the blue jersey after a nine-month absence. Aakash praised Hardik for reversing the tide and having the hostile crowd and fans shout for him from the New York stands. Hardik Pandya – people booed him so much, and how life changes. I saw the entire crowd shouting ‘Hardik, Hardik’ and much love for him. Cricket is a great leveler, Aakash said.

If you perform well, people who were abusing you will also praise you. They will pray for your success. I learned one thing that we Indians are extremely lucky. We have 140 crore people and whoever follows cricket, prays for you, even though they don’t know you. This is the biggest blessing. So, Hardik Pandya has also turned that around. He has been outstanding, he added.

Hardik struggled with the bat against Pakistan, contributing only 7 runs to India’s total of 119. Despite allowing 18 runs in his first two overs, he recovered admirably with the ball. Hardik delivered the next two crucial overs, dismissing Fakhar Zaman with a bouncer and also taking Shadab Khan’s wicket. Earlier, the all-rounder also picked up 3 wickets against Ireland.

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